Caramel Macchiato 6 Bar Box
Caramel Macchiato 6 Bar Box Caramel Macchiato 6 Bar Box Caramel Macchiato 6 Bar Box

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Description: Eat Your Coffee Bar is a caffeinated energy bar equivalent to 1 cup of coffee (no synthetic caffeine). Every delicious bar is made with real food ingredients including high fiber dates, cashews, chia seeds, oats, dark chocolate and, of course, coffee, to nourish and energize your body.

Flavor: A heavenly trio of caramel, chocolate, and coffee make this Eat Your Coffee Bar our sweetest bar, perfect for those who like their coffee with cream and sugar.

Snack Time: Everyone can use an energy boost.

1. Athletes enjoy Eat Your Coffee Bars before and after workouts 6 Ways Caffeine Can Transform Your Workout

2. Achievers love to snack on Eat Your Coffee Bars between meals for a boost in mental performance...did someone say promotion? Harvard Health

3. Students pack Eat Your Coffee Bars for a tasty study snack How a Little Caffeine Can Boost Your Memory

Impact: Every box of Eat Your Coffee Bars keeps one child in school in Coyol, Nicaragua for an entire week. Your purchase makes an impact in our world!

Ingredients: organic dates, organic gluten-free oats, organic almond butter, organic brown rice syrup, organic vegan dark chocolate, organic sunflower seed butter, organic coffee, organic crisp brown rice, organic quinoa, organic caramel flavor, organic agave fiber, organic chia seeds