Johnny Fayad | Co-Founder, CEO

For Johnny — it's the quality, not the quantity that counts with his coffee. When he's not eating his coffee, you can find him sipping on a single origin, shade grown coffee from the northern hills of Nicaragua brewed to perfection. One might say he's a connoisseur, others might say he's just annoying... 

Ali Kothari | Co-Founder, CFO

Ali consumes hella coffee. Whether it's by the bar or by the cup, Ali pounds the equivalent of at least 4 cups of coffee a day. He claims he is unaffected by the caffeine, but can be often found bouncing off the walls and making loud noises. Noteworthy to point out, Ali also has the ability to fall asleep within seconds, no matter the time of day.

Kate Prince | CMO

As a child, Kate was likely the only kid to bring sardine sandwiches and liver pate to school in her lunchbox. Kate’s version of a “lovely day” involves hiking with her hubby, a long, LONG stroll through the grocery store (preferably without her hubby), and trip to the nearest frozen yogurt shop.  Someday soon you will also find her walking the Charles with her future Great Dane, Finnegan.

Allen Meringolo | Sales Manager

Allen believes in the tried and true adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; an early riser, Allen usually gets his day started with a four egg veggie omelette and an English muffin. When not running his cholesterol up to unhealthy levels, you might find Allen going for a run, listening to an NPR podcast, writing self-important & overly verbose Facebook posts, befriending fellow passengers in an Uber pool, or adoring a construction site.

Gabriela DosRamos | Marketing Manager

Gabbi is usually the only one in the room who dislikes chocolate and comedies. However, she was able to fit in with the team thanks to her obsession with good coffee and drinking espressos at all the wrong times.

Lauren Geary | Operations Intern 

A look inside Lauren’s backpack will tell you everything you need to know - the 2+ novels weighing her down expose her as a book lover, while her hexagonal graph paper organic chemistry notebook show she’s also a fighter. Her favorite way to spend time with friends is bullying them into splitting a large waffle with her so she won’t feel bad about eating the whole thing.

Dakila Mina | Marketing Intern

Dakila loves being outside. Whether it involves camping, rock climbing, or even just going to Boston Common, he is always down to go on an adventure. In the office, you'll find him eating extensive amounts of snacks and laughing uncontrollably at random times about absolutely nothing.